Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What are the best gifts for boyfriends and husbands?

What are the gifts that boyfriends like best? Obviously, there is no easy answer, but males do share some common traits. Here is a list of some the top gifts for boyfriends.
  1. Clothes. Let's face it, guys don't like to shop. Do it for them.
  2. Electronics. Guys like gadgets
  3. Fragrances. Again guys like to smell good, they just don't want to shop for cologne.
  4. Sporting tickets. Buy some tickets to a big sporting event. Don't get tickets for the opera, or some Broadway show.
  5. Plan a trip around your boyfriend's hobby, ie NASCAR, college football team, music group, etc.
  6. Dress up like a school girl in pigtails - that one always works!
Not on the list? Have a better idea for gifts for boyfriends and husbands? We are beginning to offer an interactive forum to discuss all the important issues of dating, while giving guys a place to learn how to be a better boyfriend.