Monday, April 12, 2010

Mobile XDR™ Memory Architecture -A new MileStone.. in Technology

Rambus will demonstrate its Mobile XDR memory architecture, the world's fastest and most power-efficient memory for mobile applications. Capable of achieving data rates of 3.2 to 4.3 Gigabits per second (Gbps) per pin at an unprecedented power efficiency of 2.2 milliwatts per Gigabit per second (mW/Gbps), Mobile XDR memory is ideal for the low-power and high-performance requirements of next-generation smartphones, netbooks, and mobile gaming and multimedia products.

Lighting Technology
Rambus' MicroLens technology allows designers to achieve efficient uniform brightness in edge-lit LED backlights in a very economical manner. In large format displays such as HDTVs, Rambus' technology can enable backlights that use fewer or less expensive LEDs than required for conventional edge-lit implementations.

Threaded Module Prototype 

Rambus will also showcase its static prototype Threaded Module co-developed in partnership with Kingston Technology. This module is implemented using eight industry-standard DDR3 1333 DRAM devices, showing techniques that can increase data throughput by up to 50% and reduce power consumption by 20% when compared to conventional modules.

About Rambus Inc. 

Rambus is one of the world's premier technology licensing companies. Founded in 1990, the Company specializes in the invention and design of architectures focused on enhancing the end-user experience of computing, communications and consumer electronics applications. Rambus' patented innovations and breakthrough technologies in the area of high-speed memory architectures and complementary technologies have helped industry-leading chip and system companies bring superior products to market. Rambus' technology and renowned integration expertise solve some of the most complex chip and system-level interface challenges. Rambus licenses both its world-class patent portfolio as well as its family of leadership and industry-standard interface products. Headquartered in Los Altos, California, Rambus has regional offices in North Carolina, Ohio, India, Germany, Japan, and Taiwan. Additional information is available at