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Queen-Elizabeth of England , with 11 presidents of USA


Queen Elizabeth with George W. Bush


Queen Elizabeth with Bill Clinton


Queen Elizabeth with Jimmy Carter


Queen Elizabeth with George Bush


Queen Elizabeth with Ronald Reagan


Queen Elizabeth with Gerald Ford


Queen Elizabeth with Richard Nixon


Queen Elizabeth with Barack Obama


Queen Elizabeth with John F. Kennedy


Queen Elizabeth with Dwight D. Eisenhower


Queen Elizabeth with Harry S. Truman


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bin Laden in the deep blue sea burial off carrier


THE body of Osama Bin Laden was fed to the fishes - tipped into the sea at 7am yesterday from the deck of a US carrier.


In the final dramatic phase of the operation, American Special Forces airlifted his corpse by helicopter from their base at Bagram, Afghanistan, to the USS Carl Vinson in the north Arabian Sea.

Some reports said Saudi Arabia, where Bin Laden was born, had been asked to take the body for burial - but that the request was refused

A Muslim seaman aboard the Carl Vinson helped and made sure the body was wrapped properly. An officer then read religious remarks which were translated into Arabic by the Muslim sailor.

The body was put in a weighted bag and placed on a flat board. It was then tipped up - and the monster who had brought death and misery to the world slid into the sea and disappeared beneath the waves forever.

A US defence spokesman said: "Preparations for an at-sea burial began at 1.10am EST (6.10am) and were completed at 2am. Traditional procedures for Islamic burial were followed."

A White House official confirmed the body was handled "in accordance with Islamic practice". He added: "This is something that we take very seriously."

But some Muslim clerics argued Bin Laden's sea burial violated Islamic tradition and will cause anger.

They said one vital aspect could not be carried out. Bin Laden's face was not turned towards the Holy city Mecca.

Omar Bakri, the 53-year-old hate-preacher who now lives in Lebanon, said: "The Americans want to humiliate Muslims through this burial."

And Iraqi-based Abdul-Sattar al-Janabi, from Baghdad's Abu Hanifa mosque, said: "It is almost a crime to throw the body of a Muslim man into the sea. The body of Bin Laden should have been handed to his family."

Bin Laden's sister-in-law Carmen Binladin, 57, who was married to his older brother Yeslam, 60, said his Saudi family will have received news of his death with "great sadness".

But she said Bin Laden - seen by the world for the last time in an al-Qaeda video in 2007 - would have wanted to die "rather than face a US court".

Osama Bin Laden–Most wanted Dead


Osama Bin Laden finally paid the price for atrocities such as 9/11 when he was found by US Special Forces at his luxury lair in Pakistan.

He was killed as he cowered behind his wife - and President Barack Obama watched live via cameras worn by the troops. The 54-year-old warlord was buried in the north Arabian sea, his terror reign over at last.

President Obama's eyes were glued to a screen showing the dramatic moments leading to the death of Bin Laden.

That information, given four years ago, led Special Forces to the compound last August. A US security source said: "We were shocked by what we saw." The three-storey Abbottabad complex had been built in 2005 at a cost of $1million and was heavily protected.

CIA interest grew further when it was established it had no phone or internet link. Bin Laden was known to avoid all electronic communication - fearing his location may be tracked by satellite.


Following his death, the Americans used DNA evidence to prove with "99.9 per cent certainty" they had their man.

His samples were compared with some from his sister's brain - collected after her cancer death several years ago.


Photos of Bin Laden's corpse were also compared with exact measurements of his features using photo-visual technology.

2G spectrum scam-The Entire Play


2G licenses issued to private telecom players at throwaway prices in 2008
CAG: Spectrum scam has cost the government Rs. 1.76 lakh crore
CAG: Rules and procedures flouted while issuing licenses

Entry fee for spectrum licenses in 2008 pegged at 2001 prices
Mobile subscriber base had shot up to 350 million in 2008 from 4 million in 2001

Unitech, Swan Telecom got licenses without any prior telecom experience
Swan Telecom given license even though it did not meet eligibility criteria
Swan got license for Rs. 1537 crore, sold 45% stake to Etisalat for R
s. 4200 crore
Unitech Wireless got license for Rs. 1661 crore, sold 60% stake for R
s. 6200 crore
All nine companies paid DoT only Rs. 10,772 crore for 2G licences


DMK chief M Karunanidhi's daughter and MP Kanimozhi who has been named by the CBI as a co- conspirator with A Raja
Shahid Balwa, the promoter of Swan Telecom, who the CBI believes had a central role in the 2G spectrum scam. He has been accused of colluding with former Telecom Minister A Raja by allegedly channelizing kickbacks Raja got from the spectrum sale into the real estate

Unitech chief Sanjay Chandra and DB Realty founder Vinod Goenka who have been charge sheeted for cheating and conspiracy
Three senior executives of Anil Ambani controlled ADAG, Gautam Doshi, Hari Nair and Surendra Pipara. All these are currently lodged in Tihar Jail
Former telecom secretary Sidharth Behura, who allegedly shut counters to physically block other telecom companies, faces the same charges as Raja. And so does Raja's Personal Secretary RK Chandolia


One of the companies named by the CBI in the 2G scam - Swan Telecom - allegedly sent Mr. Raja a Rs. 214-crore kickback that was routed through a maze of companies but rested finally
with Kalaignar TV channel in Chennai that is owned mainly by Kanimozhi and Dayalu Ammal. Together, they have 80% stake in the company. Sharad Kumar, the Managing Director of Kalaignar TV, owns the balance and has also been accused of conspiring with Mr Raja.


Hours after he was summoned to the CBI headquarters for questioning, former Telecom Minister A Raja was arrested for his alleged role in the 2G spectrum scam.

Mr.Raja's arrest has been seen as a given in political circles for weeks now. He has been interrogated by the CBI four times since December, including on Monday. 

His homes and offices in Tamil Nadu and Delhi have been raided; his diary and computers were seized by the CBI and are likely to be presented against him as evidence.And will be lodged in Delhi's Tihar jail.


DMK MP Kanimozhi Arrested in the 2G spectrum case  on May 7, 2011 by CBI as the bail was not granted. While rejecting their bail petition Judge OP Saini ordered their "forthwith" arrest and directed the duo to appear before it at 10 am on Saturday. Kanimozhi and Kumar will be lodged in Delhi's Tihar jail.

After the judge rejected her bail petition, Kanimozhi looked tensed but said that she expected the order. A Raja's wife walked upto her and comforted her.

She also sought permission from the court to get her reading glasses, books and medicines.

Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour (Russian: Храм Христа Спасителя) is a Church in Moscow, Russia, on the bank of the Moskva River, a few blocks west of the Kremlin. With an overall height of 105 metres (344 ft), it is the tallest Orthodox church in the world.When Napoleon Bonaparte retreated from Moscow, Emperor Alexander I signed a manifest, 25 December 1812, declaring his intention to build a Cathedral in honor of Christ the Saviour "to signify Our gratitude to Divine Providence for saving Russia from the doom that overshadowed Her" and as a memorial to the sacrifices of the Russian people.


Map picture


It took some time for actual work on the projected cathedral to get started. The first finished architectural project, by Aleksandr Lavrentyevich Vitberg, was endorsed by Alexander I in 1817. It was a flamboyant Neoclassical design full of Freemasonic symbolism. Construction work was begun on the Sparrow Hills, the highest point in Moscow, but the site proved insecure.
Interior of the Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow (1883).

In the meantime Alexander I was succeeded by his brother Nicholas I. Profoundly Orthodox and patriotic, the new Tsar disliked the Neoclassicism and Freemasonry of the project selected by his brother. He commissioned his favourite architect Konstantin Thon to create a new design, taking as his model Hagia Sophia in Constantinople, Turkey. Thon's Neo-Byzantine design was approved in 1832, and a new site, closer to the Moscow Kremlin, was chosen by the Tsar in 1837. A convent and church on the site had to be relocated, so that the cornerstone was not laid until 1839.


471px-Moscow_-_Cathedral_of_Christ_the_Saviour800px-Cathedral_of_Christ_the_Saviour_in_Moscow_06cathedral-christ-the-savior-night-sx-contact-credit-xoox-xooxmancathedral-of-christ-the-savior-in-moscow-1CathedralOfChristTheSaviourSummerchrist14christ-the-savior-cathedral-nightchurch christ_the_savior_RRKlages_-_Interior_of_Cathedral_of_Christ_Saviour_in_Moscow

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Exotic destinations that offer visa on arrival.

Scuba-dive in Indonesia, explore a scenic island in Korea, visit historic spots in Jordan... Take a spur of the moment vacation to exotic destinations that offer visa on arrival.

1 The Maldives
Set in a turquoise sea, the Maldives is an oasis of peace and tranquillity. With over 1,000 islands, this is truly a beach lover's haven, and so beautiful that you will not want to leave in a hurry. The weather is perfect, the beaches divine, the people are friendly and the resorts stunning. With exclusive resort islands, the one thing you won't have to worry about is how to pass your time. Most resorts offer a range of daily excursions and activities including diving, snorkelling, fishing, kayaking, and island picnics. For more information, visit the official site

2 Jordan
Be it in the quiet of the desert in Wadi Rum or the cacophony of Amman, it is easy to be mesmerised by the history and beauty of this country. A day trip from Amman will take you to Madaba (famed for its mosaics), Mount Nebo, and the site on the Jordan River where tradition holds that Jesus was baptised. A three-hour road journey from Amman will pass in a blur of sand and phosphate factories, until you arrive at the town of Wadi Musa, the tourist hub for the ancient city of Petra. Official website

3 Kenya
While holidaying in this African country, a safari will obviously be high up on your list. A visit to Masai Mara National Reserve, the most popular national park is a must. Go for a dusk safari to sight numerous animals like zebras, impalas and elephants. In a matter of hours you could be up close with the lions. Kenya is also known as one of the top five birdwatching destinations in the world. Besides the wildlife reserves, the country also has some spectacular lakes such as Lake Victoria, and mountains where you can head for a trekking expedition. More information

4 Laos
Mist-shrouded mountain peaks, jungle-clad valleys, wildlife, Buddhist culture--this is Laos for you. A 100-km drive north from the bustling capital, Vientiane, to Vang Vieng, an area in the mountains noted for its limestone caves and landscape, will take you through tropical Asian countryside with its lush green vegetation. At Vang Vieng, you can explore the caves. For trekkers, the far northern provinces of Phongsali, Luang Nam Tha and Udomxai offer exciting possibilities and adventures.More information

5 Fiji Islands
Whether you choose to relax on white sand beaches soaking up the sun, ride a banana boat, scuba dive at a world famous diving location like Great Astrolabe Reef and Rainbow Reef, surf the reef breaks or walk through abundantly lush tropical rainforests, there are a myriad ways to enjoy Fiji. With 333 islands, this destination would be a perfect holiday for water babies. From Nadi, where the international airport is located, you can opt for a cruise which will whisk you to a new beach each day. Stop by at Monuriki, the island where the Tom Hanks movie Cast Away was filmed. Details here

6 Indonesia
From the incredible landscapes of Mount Bromo and the Ijen volcano in Java, where you can go for trekking, to the enchanting World Heritage Site of Borobudur Temple, and the beautiful beaches of Bali and Lombok, you will be spoilt for choice while deciding where to holiday in Indonesia. The country has much to offer with plenty of islands, each with its own culture and landscape. Indonesia also has some of the best places to go scuba diving such as Raja Ampat, Tulamben and Bali. Click here for details

7 Jeju Island, Korea
The scenic beauty--waterfalls, cliffs, caves, and beaches--have made this volcanic island, off the southern coast of South Korea, a hot favourite with tourists and honeymooners. An important feature of Jeju is Hallasan, the tallest mountain in the country and a dormant volcano rising 1,950m above sea level. Seogwipo is a good central location to stay, and tour different areas of the island. There are many day trip options from here to Sangumburi Crater, Manjang Lava Cave, Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak, also known as Sunrise Peak, for its gorgeous views and the Jeju Folk Village. More information

8 Cambodia
Start your Cambodian experience with a city tour of its capital, Phnom Penh. A visit to the Royal Palace would enchant you as it is replete with ornately decorated palatial buildings, manicured gardens and the silver pagoda. Your next port of call should be Angkor, a city famed for its huge temple complex, Angkor Wat, built in A.D. 1150. This is the epitome of the classical style of Khmer architecture and has become a symbol of Cambodia. The exteriors look spectacular and the first sight of the five towers reflected in the moat will take your breath away. More details

9 Seychelles
Picture this... crystal clear water in a million shades of turquoise, sedately lapping onto white sand beaches; enormous pink granite boulders peppering the shoreline, and swaying palm trees at the granite peaks. You can base yourself at the capital city, Victoria, and plan your other day trips from here. For your first snorkelling trip, board a catamaran and head out to Cerf Island. Valle de Mai in Praslin is a World Heritage Site because of the coco de mer trees that grow exclusively here, supposed to be the world's largest nuts. From Mahe, you can take a helicopter ride or hop on to boat for a ride to La Digue Island, the most pristine island here. More details

10 Mauritius
Cultural diversity, clear aqua blue water, palm-fringed beaches... that is Mauritius. Pereybere beach in the north and Ile aux Cerfs in the east are ideal beaches for swimming and snorkelling, in this picturesque island. Take time out to visit Chameral village, famed for the different colours of rocks--blue, green, red and yellow--spread out before you. These are believed to be the result of uneven cooling of molten rock. Scuba diving is cheap in this part of the world. Do keep a day aside for shopping at Port Louis, also home to restaurants that offer great seafood. More details

More visa easy destinations
Turkey: If you have a valid Schengen, US or UK visa, you can get a visa on arrival.
Taiwan: If you have a valid visa of USA, Canada, UK, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and any of the Schengen countries, you can apply online for Taiwan visa through the website
Dubai: If a sponsor in UAE has applied for a visa in UAE for you and obtained it, you can collect the visa from the immigration desk on arrival at the airport in UAE.
Armenia, Jamaica and British Virgin Islands: These countries offer visa on arrival, but due to the routing, you will need a UK transit visa.

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