Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hand-held Video Inspection Camera

Take video in the tiny dark corners of the world

This is the video camera you don't know you need. Seriously, right now, you're about to click away from this page because you're Inspection Camera like, "Why would I ever use one of those?" But lend us your ears, geek friends. (We'll give them back.) This camera will take your video making and/or spy surveillance footage to a level you never dreamed of achieving.
Inspection Camera

Trying to capture video footage in a cramped, dark location? This flexible video bore-scope with built-in adjustable dual LED light source illuminates objects in the dark crevices of your world. Two bright LED lamps illuminate the objects and a flexible goose-neck holds its shape while you film. Enjoy a glare-free, high resolution camera that can go anywhere - and we really mean anywhere.

* Flexible video bore-scope with built-in adjustable dual LED light source to illuminate objects
* Two bright LED lamps to illuminate viewed objects
* Glare-free close-up & wide range field of view
* Flexible goose-neck retains configured shape
* Water resistant camera head
* TV Video output for capturing images (NTSC)
* Powered by 4 AA batteries (not included)
* Dimensions: 35" flexible shaft length, 45" total length
* Camera head: .4" diameter (10 mm)
* Includes magnetic attachment and hook attachment for retrieving missing items

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