Saturday, January 29, 2011

Brazil flood deaths top 800 with 400 still missing

Officials in Brazil say more than 800 people are now known to have died in floods and landslides in the south-east of the country this month. 

More than 400 people are still missing after torrential rain caused whole hillsides to collapse.
The Brazilian government has said it will set up an early warning system to alert communities of impending danger.
The flooding is considered the worst natural disaster Brazil has ever experienced.
The government has allocated $240m (£150m) in emergency reconstruction money for the area. 

Nautilus House

This amazing house was build in 2006 by Arquitectura Orgánica. A young couple with two children from Mexico City who after living in a conventional home wanted to change to one integrated to nature. The goal of this project was to make it feel like an internal inhabitant of a snail, like a mollusk moving from one chamber to another, like a symbiotic dweller of a huge fossil maternal cloister

Senosiain Arquitectos architecture firm have designed a shell-shaped residential home, based on the shape of the Nautilus’ shell.  The Mexico-based abode currently houses a couple and two small children.
The house was constructed using Ferrocement, a composite material containing with cement, sand, water and wire or mesh.  Other than being economical , the technique has many benefits, including; hardy, fire-proof, earthquake-safe, anti-rust and maintenance-free.

Friday, January 28, 2011

BMW Gina:A New Concept

The GINA Light Visionary Model is a fabric-skinned shape-shifting sports car concept built by BMW. GINA stands for "Geometry and functions In 'N' Adaptations". It was designed by a team led by BMW’s head of design, Chris Bangle, who says GINA allowed his team to "challenge existing principles and conventional processes."

Fabric body

BMW said the flexible, stretchable water resistant translucent man-made fabric skin – polyurethane-coated Spandex, is resilient and durable. It resists high or low temperatures, does not swell or shrink and the movement does not slacken or damage the fabric. The body changes its shape according to exterior conditions and speeds, and it also allows the driver to change its shape at will. The fabric is stretched over a moveable frame; essential shapes are formed beneath the skin by an aluminium wire structure, though at points where movement is needed (ducts, door openings, spoiler) flexible carbon struts are used. The shape of the frame is controlled by many electric and hydraulic actuators, for example, the headlights are revealed when small motors pull the fabric back in an eyelid like fashion. As the fabric is translucent the taillights shine through it.


GINA has just four panels — the bonnet, the two side panels and the boot. Its skin appears seamless, but it can “grow” a higher rear spoiler for stability at high speed. Its doors open in a butterfly style, and are each covered by a fabric piece reaching all the way from the nose of the car to their trailing edge which when closed leaves a perfectly smooth surface. Access to the engine can be gained through a slit that can open in the middle of the bonnet.


When the car is parked, the car’s steering wheel and instruments sit in an ‘idle’ position on the centre console to allow the driver easy entry. The steering wheel and instruments assume their correct positions when the driver presses the start button and the headrest rises from the seat once the driver is seated, making it easier to get in and out of the car.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Samsung Nexus Next -gen Smart phone

Here comes Samsung's next product.. Nexus ,this product is to be released with two different Models ie., they differ in their OS ,namely Android &Windows

Samsung Focus i917 specs(Windows)
Price: $199 w/ a 2-year contract on AT&T
Screen: 4-inch Super AMOLED, 800x480 resolution
Processor and RAM: 1GHZ Snapdragon QSD8250
Storage: 8GB internal (expandable, sort of)
Camera: 5 megapixel stills, 720p video recording, LED flash

Next comes Samsungs Android Phone
Nexus S. 

Screen:4-inch Super AMOLED "Contour Display
Processor and RAM:1GHz Hummingbird processor, NFC support
OS:completely clean version of Android 2.3 Gingerbread.
Memory: 16GB of internal storage
Camera: 5MP camera on its back and a VGA camera on the front
Price:Unlocked for $529 or with a 2 year T-Mobile plan for $199


I have seen many Sort Of watches in my life,but this Watches drawed my interest.. Its Is Because this watch was actually made of Moon Dust.The DNA Moon Dust Watch from Geneva watchmaker Romain Jerome was created to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the moon landing is limited to a not-so-limited edition of 1,969.
'The case of the watch is made with steel melted with fragments of the Apollo 11.
'The dial and face is made from minerals that include real dust from the moon - this is a world first. The moon dust had been melted into it.

Each piece will run between $15,000 and $450,000, depending on the amount of moon dust

Russian Government to Switch its entire Computers To Linux OS

What did Vladimir Putin choose as his government’s main operating system?
Not Windows… Not Mac OS… but rather GNU/Linux operating systems.

It’s an interesting move, because many would have thought a government would have considered some mainstream licensed s0lution, but it seems the plan to move to open source computing was in the works since 2007. It’s still particularly unclear as to why he made the move but the general theme points to cost savings. In the CNews story, the transition period will be from 2011 to 2015 where federal government agencies will have to determine the best way to convert their data to the new system’s format. There will also be some type of national repository “similar to App Store, but for free operating systems.”
Obviously the move raises controversy from a political/tech standpoint where some folks still have the idea that Russia still have strong communist tendencies. We will not delve into that area though but rather applaud them for using an alternative to the mainstream solutions offered.

Farmville For Dummies now available

With more than 80 million active players since the game?s release in 2009, there seems no end to the growing popularity of FarmVille. Whether accessed through the Facebook application or from the game?s Web site, this application is a worldwide phenomenon. Yet, there has been no beginner guide that offers an introduction to newcomers and updates to experienced players?until now. FarmVille For Dummies is aimed at getting novices acquainted with FarmVille rules and regulations, while more savvy players can sharpen their skills and find out how to stay up to date on the latest FarmVille features. You?ll discover how to download the app, create a farmer avatar, and establish your first farm. Then you?ll progress to finding neighbors, purchasing farm cash and coins, shopping at the market, and more.
  • Serves as an ideal introductory guide to the wildly popular online game of FarmVille
  • Walks you through downloading the app either via Facebook, Yahoo!, or your mobile device
  • Details how to find neighbors and interact with them, purchase farm cash and coins, shop at the market, and choose a profession
  • Highlights ways to earn ribbons, construct buildings, and become a co-op farmer
  • Helps you deal with technical issues
  • Author is the founder and creator of the largest FarmVille fan site

You can bet the farm that FarmVille For Dummies will help you take your gaming skills to the next level!

Facebook shut down hoax spreads like fire

Internet faux news site Weekly World News posted an outrageous story that Facebook will be shut down on March 15th 2011, due to the stress it has put Founder Mark Zuckerberg through.
Normally this type of news would not even be worth our time and effort, but an unfortunate situation occurred where thousands of viewers actually believed the story and shared it on Facebook. Over the past hour, 40 of my 320+ friends shared this story, and I’ve received a couple messages and emails about it from “worried” fans. I expect that the situation will get worse, sparking more controversy over the Internet

Here is a snippet from the article

PALO ALTO, CA –Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook will be shut down in March. Managing the site has become too stressful.
“Facebook has gotten out of control,” said Zuckerberg in a press conference outside his Palo Alto office, “and the stress of managing this company has ruined my life. I need to put an end to all the madness.”
Zuckerberg went on to explain that starting March 15th, users will no longer be able to access their Facebook accounts.
“After March 15th the whole website shuts down,” said Avrat Humarthi, Vice President of Technical Affairs at Facebook. “So if you ever want to see your pictures again, I recommend you take them off the internet. You won’t be able to get them back once Facebook goes out of business.”

So just to confirm, this is a fake story by a faux news site, similar to that of The Onion and Chive. As a reminder, always fact check before passing on stories, or else what happened today will keep happening over and over (like this trend will ever stop anyway)… oh yea, use some common sense. Also, with a company estimated at being worth over $50 billion, why would anyone even think of suddenly shutting it down. As a friend said, it would obviously make sense to sell it off rather than just kill it all together