Thursday, January 19, 2017

Devi Asavari- Lord Shiva's Sister

Did you know that Lord Shiva also had a sister? Many of who you would question this belief, as to how the one whose existence is beyond birth and death, can have a sister?
But it is in fact true, if going by legends mentioned in Shiv Purana. Devi Asavari was created by Lord Shiva, on his wife Goddess Parvati’s insistence.

After their marriage, when Goddess Parvati came to Kailasha, she missed her family and sisters. Although, she was always taken care of by Lord Shiva’s beloved devotee, Nandi, Parvati still felt the need to have a companion.She expressed her desire to Lord Shiva, wishing to have sister-like companion on Kailasha, with whom she could share her thoughts, and spend her day with, when he’s away meditating.As Kailasha was swarmed with men, Goddess Parvati was the only women, who lived there. He gently asked her if this is what she wanted.

Her insistence convinced Lord Shiva, so he obliged to her demand. Although he told her that he would only create his sister, if Parvati promises to take care of her for the rest of her life.An eager Parvati, happily agreed. Being the God of Dead, Lord Shiva had no idea of how to create a woman, so, with all his sacred powers and knowledge, he formed a woman, similar to him.She was quite plump, with long and open hair (unkepmt), cracked feet; wearing nothing, but animal skin.Lord Shiva took her to Goddess Parvati and introduced her as his sister Devi Asavari. Parvati was happy to have finally got a sister-in-law. She bathed her, and provided her new clothes to wear.

Devi Asavari, asked Goddess Parvati to feed her from her kitchen. Parvati prepared scrumptious meals, and offered them to Asavari, who ate it all in once; she kept asking for more, until all the food from Kailasha was finished, leaving Goddess Parvati helpless.When Goddess Parvati was on her way to Lord Shiva, to seek his help into satiating Asavari’s appetite, the latter tripped her and mischievously hid her in the cracks of her heel. Lord Shiva, who knew it all, came to Parvati’s aid.

Pretending to be unaware, he politely asked Asavari about Parvati’s whereabouts. She lied to him saying, “How would I know, where did sister Parvati go?” Knowing her lies, he warned her. Asavari ultimately admitted and jerked her foot so hard that Goddess Parvati fell out her the cracked heel.Hurt and upset by her discourtesy and rudeness, Parvati asked her to leave Kailasha. Lord Shiva, reminded her of the promise to ‘take care of Asavari’, to which Parvati asked for forgiveness and explained her inability to have Asavari on Kailasha.Lord Shiva decided to instill some good behavior in Asavari and then marry her off, to which Parvati said, “If Asavari will become more polite, and full of manners, then I do wouldn’t have any problems, having her here on Kailasha.”