Sunday, January 25, 2015

How to learn to Move-On

When relationship blossoms it creates memory that keeps you happy, but not all relationships last long some break us ,wear us out and even makes us vexed of living.This article is special for those people who want to move on.

Rule 1: Never go back to someone who break you.

Yeah,right people most of the time do this mistake, sometimes you get a chance to see you guy or girl but most of the will least respect you ,even worst you can find them hanging with someone else they might even treat you bad.You don't need this so never ever go see them.

Rule 2: Move out of things that remind You about your Ex

They maybe gifts ,pictures , anything that reminds you of them you make think that it may bring good memories but it wont help you in way but will make you down so dispose all of it or move it to store room.

Rule 3: Cry over it and burst your feelings out

Bring out all your emotions you have try to get control over it.It Maybe difficult task but you have to do.See in mirror talk with yourself ,tell yourself that  “THERE IS SOMEONE SPECIAL WAITING FOR YOU ” Tell yourself they aren't worth it!

Rule 4:Don't dump yourself in Bad Habits

There is say “No one can help yourself then that of yourself”.If you start drinking or do drugs it wont help you instead join in some classes such as Yoga or go Jog or workout in someway even playing some sports will lift up your mood.Its believed that exercise can improve your mood.

Rule 5: Talk with your friends

There is always a residue of your relationship left in your heart always you can share with most trusted friends you have they will surely be able to help you out.Spend time with them hangout go party or go for movie.

Rule 6: Focus on yourself

Change yourself, make over change yourself change your hair style ,the way you look dress smartly everything of this will make you feel better and become more confident about yourself.

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