Saturday, November 15, 2014

Terrifying places on Earth:Destitute cemetery of Guatemala

There are places in world that are left as such ie.,the final resting place for the dead.But even in some places the dead people family need to pay rent to continue to remain the resting place for them if the rent isn't paid the dead is moved out of the cemetery.



La Verbena Cemetery in Guatemala City is an amazing city of the dead, where relatives of the deceased party, socialize, and engage in all sorts of activities not normally associated with graveyards.

So where’s the terror here?


It’s all in the rental agreement. Families of the deceased must pay “rent” to ensure their loved ones remain undisturbed within their vertical tombs. The first six years are free, but after that, they are charged $24 for every successive four years. This is a lot of money for most of the folk burying their loved ones in these crypts.


Those unable to pay see their relative’s graves marked with red paint. The bodies are removed, bagged, and — if they aren’t claimed by their relatives — unceremoniously dumped, en masse, into large communal graves. It is not a rare occasion. It happens every single morning:


These screaming mummies in the process of eviction are present at any random corner of this abominable giant graveyard town.And of course, this constant recycling of human material, as well as the fact that the cemetery adjoins the city dump, ensures tasty meals for the countless vultures that treat the cemetery like a fertile scavenging ground.





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