Friday, May 7, 2010

Things I hate about S.U.M.M.E.R

Well, haven come from this Hot place (Chennai), you cant image how it becomes when summer seasons starts of....But despite of the heat.. there are certain things which makes everyone in  India feel uneasy some of them.. are mainly my own irritating things are

Man u feel so much of heat that literally you feel Yourself burning.. with out fuel..

Ok You move out in hot sun say 12 Pm noon and u stand ur feel ur streams of sweat falling all from Your   body.. that the worst..even more worst is your armpits stinks !!

Just because of this damn sweat u get all sort of infections and shit.. u feel itchy and scratchy that u look like a Dog scratching  body all the time..

The funniest part is this .. where some people get cold in summer..Some times even i get.. throat infection.... i would be like what in the hell..I dont fall sick even in winters where its Cold man!!

1.Power Cut

In my city where you find power cut is more often.. here in my city .. there is no proper logic . with in people head especially Electric Board.. when we feel that we could need electricity ie., during winter where it will be always a bit chill.. they wont cut the damn power.. but when we in the need c of own they would .. turn it OFF.. the worst part is power Cut during Night.. My God!!!