Monday, May 3, 2010

Once Worlds Smallest Man-Wu Kang

A Chinese man, measuring up at just 68cm, is making a bid to Guinness World Records for the world's shortest man title.

Wu Kang is looking to dethrone current title-holder and fellow Chinese citizen He Pingping who is 74.61cm tall.

"We knew he was small but we didn't realise just how small until we started to look things up on the Internet," the Daily Express quoted his dad Wu Jianxiang as saying.

But the 22-year-old was said to be facing a dilemma after medics suggested that doses of growth hormone could boost his growth rapidly and increase his chances of having a more normal life.

Paediatrician Luo Xiaoping told the Austrian Times: "Although he is 22 years old, his height is about the same as a nine-month-old, and his bone age is the equivalent of a 1-year-old. It would have been better if he came to see me earlier.

"But it is possible to reverse some of the damage with human growth hormone. He could grow up to 12cm a year."

Dad Jianxiang added: "It is something only he can choose. Fame is tempting but he would dearly love to be normal for once in his life." (ANI)