Saturday, May 8, 2010

Gas companies in India!!

well well here im  with  some unique people around me whose Fuel for coooking (ie., the gas) which they use doesnt comes in a proper manner...Say the  gas corporation asking their customers to Book the gas before 21 days of end of the fuel gas.. but the case here is diffrent even if you do call up and inform the prior authority requesting for the LPG still the havoc caused has to be faced.. but they(LPG Coporation) dont seem to take care of.. and if we go straight to them and talk over it 4 requesting one its seems like are the owner of the company barking at us like dogs .... that there will be delay.. instead of polite manner..

My question was what people(ie., the gas agencies do).. why is there a so much of a delay is reaching its customers
the answer i got from some of the home makers are

 1. they sell those gas cylinders to other commerical places like  restuarats  for a lower price.. say our indian goverment always gives a percentage of LPG to commerical use will is 17.7 Kg LPG Cylinders.. but in domestic they give around 14.7 is guess .. but the thing si here on India they sell those Gas Cylinders in to others Commerical agents say if the price of  dosemtic gas is 500 Rs and commerical LPG is around 750 they sell the  domestic one to commerical agent for 600.. so advatyage  for both LPG agency as well as the commereical organisation

 even thought several Different sorts of raids are going on to Bust out this  sort of spams but what the  use.. this spam is growing and still growing..Unless the authority takes over this issue under consideration

What is the only solution for this Sort Of trouble ???/
 My answer would be Pipelined LPG

Why Do We Need Piped LPG?

If all goes as budgeted  by 2015 eleven cities in Rajasthan will get LPG (Cooking Gas) delivered to their homes by pipeline. The eleven cities are Bharatpur, Alwar, Nimrana, Jaisalmer, Udaipur, Bhilwara, Bhiwadi, Jaipur, Sriganganagar, Jodhpur and Ajmer. I am sure the authorities have studied the issues regarding the  safety and the  price of the  gas to the end-user in-depth and seeing no downside  are going forward with the proposal.

Bottled LPG is familiar to all of us it is more or less safe and more or less easily available.  An infrastructure is in place and functioning more or less well. So why do we need to spend millions of rupees  on putting in place  a new delivery system which will be as useless as the system it is replacing as soon as we run out of CNG. As we all know the CNG supplies are finite. They will be gone soon enough and who knows what fuel or technology we will be using to cook our food by then.  Further more the new gas delivery system will make a lot of jobs redundant. What will they work at? There is little need to ape the west in all it has done. There will be many studies showing where they went wrong. Why not take it from there? By pass their mistakes and adapt the technology to our local needs.
If a bloc of Flats wants to opt in for piped gas let them do so thru their society and bigger tanks. These societies will  be vigilant about the safety of  their own homes.
We ought to have more CNG and LPG fueling stations in Jaipur for our vehicles. It might improve the  city air some.
Every Jaipur resident’s main concern is the supply of water to the city. What happens when the tubewells  run  dry? Now is the time to plan for that eventuality. Why not use the funds from the piped gas project to improve the prospects of  water supply to the city and to improve and broaden  the existing LPG distribution network.
Why not encourage people who keep animal husbandry to put up   bio-gas plants  to supply bio-gas as cooking fuel to    nearby localities. That should get rid of bio-degradable waste and also produce manure. Milk giving animals are any farmers   prized possessions. They will be cherished even in their old age if we can find a use for having them around even  after they stop giving milk.