Sunday, June 5, 2016

Panono -The Panoramic ball camera

Panono is the name of a 360° X 360° full-spherical, 108 megapixel Panoramic ball camera.The Panono GmbH develops pioneering digital camera technology as well as innovative smartphone and tablet applications. Its first product, the Panono 360° Camera with 36 individual cameras shoots 360°-panoramas with a resolution greater than 100 megapixels with just one click. The first version of the Panono 360° Camera has been available since September 2015.

The Panono GmbH was founded by Jonas Pfeil, Björn Bollensdorff and Qian Qin back in 2012. It currently has around 30 employees and is based in Berlin.
A user can throw it in the air and at its highest point 36 cameras in the ball will shoot an airborne panoramic photo. Panono was able to collect 1,25 Million US$ through crowd funding at indiegogo and over 1,6 Million € through crowd investing at companisto.