Sunday, June 5, 2016

Blue jay -The World's first drone cafe

A Dutch university houses the world's 1st cafe using tiny drones to serve drinks to customer.Te drones is known as "Blue Jay" resembles a small white flying saucer sporting with luminescent lights for eyes.

The pop-up Drone Café was a meeting place for people that want to discuss what we want our drones to do in the (near) future. The opportunities are only limited by our imagination. However, a close look is needed to see how far we can take this technology. This is one of the questions we answered together with all the visitors of the Drone Cafe. After all, we have the power to take matters in our own hands and show people what we want of robotics in the future.

It is fairly difficult to accurately and autonomously in indoor environments. Precise movements require advanced flying algorithms and accurate sensors. In order to achieve this we have used a unique combination of sensors, all on one drone, which allows us to make accurate and autonomous flight possible. In addition to that, the drone is safe thanks to its ring and mesh, it is helpful thanks to its gripper and a camera with menu recognition understands your order. Long story short: Our drones are ready to be waiters.

You can compare an autonomous drone with a youthful dog. It is ready to learn something and doesn’t need much care. So it’s up to you what trick you are going to teach the dog, whether it is going to be a guide dog for blind or a rescue dog in the alps. Our drone has learned its first trick: all snacks and drinks will be automatically sent to the right table. There’s no one that tells the drone where to go. They and on their own, take off on their own and take your order.

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