Sunday, August 18, 2013

Internet speed in India slowest in the world


If you talk to most Indian internet users they will talk about how they have to lose time in getting the right speed and the sort of issues that continue to affect them on the daily basis and how internet providers don’t really tend to listen to their complaint. There is a chronic problem of inaction when it comes to servicing the internet connection. If your connection is lost due to myriad reasons you can be sure to not have net connectivity for the next several days till actually some miracle happens.


This is the reason that most internet users even in cities like New Delhi, the Indian capital, look so much disappointed with it. The latest Akamai Technologies’ State of the Internet report puts India 109th rank in the world when it comes to top peak speed average of 10.6 Mbps. It is 27% faster than the last quarter and 34% faster than last year. But when it comes to average internet connection speed, it is still 1.3 Mbps and is the lowest among Asian nations. The average internet connection speed in Korea is as high as 14.2Mbps. when it comes to global average connection speed, it is substantially higher than India’s average speed. the average internet speed in the world is 3.1 Mbps, said Akamai Technologies’ State of the Internet report