Sunday, August 18, 2013

CHILD RESCUER from Bore-well

This project is one of most innovative idea for rescue operations which can used in most of the part of countries .The project Child Rescuer from Bore-well is developed with the aim of saving the lives of innocent children falling into open bore-wells. It consists of an inflatable bladder which is carefully inserted below the child with the help of live feed from a camera. The camera is interfaced with LabVIEW using NI-IMAQdx. Once the seat is inserted, it is inflated using a compressor and is lifted up by a pulley setup and a motor controlled through arduino using labVIEW.
Project Demo
Project Developers:
S.Manjula , R.Lakshmi Dharani,
P.Pon Deepika , D.Amudha Nila
Project Site