Saturday, November 20, 2010

Only In New Zealand: Eat This If You Dare

Normally a small pleasant town with a population in the low thousands, Hokitika is being transformed every March by it’s annual Wilde Food Festival. This year festival was celebrating its 21st anniversary. This is a real gastronomic festival, or maybe it is better to say that this type of food is only for those with strong stomach. The Hokitika Wildfoods Festival is a celebration of the weird and wonderful in the world of food – with many interesting snacks that are unique to New Zealand’s West Coast region. To be honest, the idea of eating huh grubs and mountain oysters is something what I would very gladly pass. But as I got to learn, there on the food festival I learned that these people are willingly trying all of these delicatessen. I would be the only one not interested in giving a chance to these dishes . Everyone here are so happily chewing grasshoppers, huh grubs, and worm sushi, followed by shots of moonshine and Gorse Flower wine. I am not sure if this is exactly my cup of tea, but this is a respect given to the gastronomical gods.

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