Saturday, December 20, 2014

Things that are actually making us slaves


People in average get at leastatleast 10 grams of gold with them specially in Asia , in every marriage Jewellery in the form of Gold and sliver are bought in huge quantity which make go upto 1Kg .And 100s to 1000s of people are still obsessed with Jewellery .Take any occasion it maybe marriage ,child birth ,an marriage proposal or anniversary jewellery places a vital stand.Usually women are obsessed with it,and for men it has become mandate to show how sincere they are .But whereas in marriage its a sort of prestige and pride .

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Electronics Gadgets

I was in a local train where I was sitting simply , when I was looking to my co-passengers I found that were busy pinging somebody, playing games or watching movies or listening to music and what was one thing in common  in all was that they had a Smart phone/tab in their hand.All I was able to see was all heads down grazing at their screen .In  a second I felt as if were are stuck with Gadgets.




In our basic needs we are in need of 3 basic needs Food, Clothing & shelter this is something we all are aware of .But there are people who spend so much in the name of clothing for just to show off .The clothing industries are growing huge with the demands, not to mention the price tags why their price tags are High? The answer I got from my friend is “Dude its branded”.For some its like quality , other I work at MNC so I need to wear branded or else people will look me different.But whatever the reason maybe we are forced to get them.



Credit Cards

Card transactions are made so simply, you want to get something online your only option is Card apart from Netbanking or if your outside say in a restaurants or Shopping or Gas pump we use our cards.Credit card works on idea that is the user can borrow money for payment to a merchant or as a cash advance and later the payments can be made if failed they had to may a money with interest which calculated for each lapse date.Most of use it , and  for so so reasons we fail , become liable to the bank we pay so indirectly we are in control to others.

Credit trap



Yeah, you heard me “PORN”.Right now, 30,000 people are watching porn. A new porn video is produced every 39 minutes.We have spent more money on porn and neglected to help 1.4 billion people who are suffering every day from poverty.Do you think it’s okay that kids start watching porn from as early as the age of 6 and begin flirting on the Internet from the age of 8?These statistics and facts might shock and disturb you as they do for me. We live in a broken society that is so engulfed in the pursuit of self-pleasure that we have twisted our morality. Perhaps you have different opinions about porn, but certainly my intention is not to judge but rather to point you to another subject.Like an addiction, you keep craving something which is harder and gives you a greater sense of excitement, until you reach the point where the pornography only goes so far.