Saturday, June 1, 2013

Google TV


Google TV is a Smart TV platform from Google co-developed by Intel, Sony and Logitech that was launched in October 2010.[2] Google TV initially, with official devices from Sony and Logitech. Google TV integrates the Google Chrome browser to create an interactive television overlay on top of existing Internet television and WebTV sites to add a 10-foot user interface.











Google TV's first generation devices were created and commercialized by Sony and Logitech. The first generation of devices were based on x86 architecture processor by Intel. For the second generation of devices new partners have joined, including LG, Samsung,Vizio and Hisense, some of which include 3D capabilities. The second generation of Google TV devices are based on ARM architecture processors.In 2013 more Google TV supported devices were announced by Hisense, Netgear, TCL, and Asus.

Google TV

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