Sunday, December 25, 2011

World's Smallest Hotel in Amberg

"World's Smallest Hotel" now 5-Star Rated
Couples who spend their wedding night at the tiny Eh'haeusl in Amberg will live happily ever after and never get divorced — at least according to an old legend told by the locals of this medieval town in Bavaria.

Now newlyweds who want to test the legend can do so in luxury. The 282-year-old Eh'haeusl — a Bavarian expression for "marriage house" — was recently renovated and turned into a five-star hotel. It's so tiny that the entire building can only be rented out by one couple at a time, and its owners claim it's the smallest hotel in the world.

The red building on Seminarian in the town's historical old city is only 2.5 meters (8.2 feet) wide, and stretches over seven narrow floors.

The house was originally built in 1728, after the city council ruled that couples could only get married if they owned property.To give lovebirds a chance to tie the knot even if they did not own a home, a resourceful Amberg citizen came up with an idea of skirting the new law.

He built a house so tiny and inexpensive, that even poor people could afford it — at least on a short-term basis. They would buy the house, get married, move in and then sell it soon after to the next marriage-minded couple.

With a different newlywed couple as occupants every few weeks, it became known as the "wedding house."

Even today, many couples spend their wedding night at the Eh'haeusl, which costs €240 ($327) per night and includes a whirlpool and an open fireplace.

After a recent overnight stay, Barbara and Heinz Wilhelm, a couple in their early 70s, said even though their honeymoon was long ago, the experience was one-of-a-kind.