Saturday, April 9, 2011

Facebook Keyboard Shortcut Keys

If you are a hardcore Facebook user that spends hours on Facebook, you might want to check out the keyboard shortcuts. It helps you to navigate around Facebook with ease and saves you time in the process.

Here is the list of key combinations which you could try in Facebook by using Google Chrome.
Alt+1 : Return to Home
Alt+2 : To view the Wall tab
Alt+3 : To pull down the Friends Requests list
Alt+4 : To retrieve the Messages list
Alt+5 : To call out the Notification list
Alt+6 : Account setting page
Alt+7 : Account privacy configuration.
Alt+8 : Facebook fans group page
Alt+9 : Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities
Alt+0 : Facebook Help Center
Alt+m : Create new message
Alt+? : Cursor in the Search Box

As the shortcuts are browser-specific, so please refer below for your specific browser:
Google Chrome : Alt + #
Internet Explorer : Alt + #, then Enter
Firefox : Shift + Alt + #
Mac OS : Ctrl + Opt + #