Sunday, December 12, 2010

Addiction --Social Networking

When I was working in my office trying to complete the task assigned to be II found a colleague  of mine busy checking his Face book & Orkut account. And when I reached him, he asked whether I have  Face book  account, and I told him and “YES”.. Later the added me... but soon after I found him that he was always on this social networking.. When I asked him why he was always in it… His Response was “Dude I dunno It’s just that I’m Addicted to it”
So what Makes Facebook and Orkut SO addicting

1. Making Friends

Well some people believe that the meet someone “SPECIAL” on orkut or facebook and fall in love..blaba..  I people are real crazy because I has seen many of the relationship going apart even after a 25 years of Marriage and these people here are LOOKING For some SERIOUS RELATION.. that is real Funny, to add more flavor  some surveys say that 75% people using Social Networking sites got married to their “CHAT FRIEND”.. dunno How long they are going to LAST ,but I believe Social Networking is for people who have a lot of friends who could stay closer.. so to be update with friends can use it.
2. Games

Facebook  I guess with its Handful of Game Applications had eat a head of Orkut.. So now even Orkut had started its own gaming application making people more addicted to their sites. The Funniest part here is My Friend who calls me up 4 in morning to get his Farmville to harvest his Farm.