Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Shah Rukh ‘owns’ land on the moon

BELIEVE it or not, but a crazy Australian fan “buys” Shah Rukh Khan a piece of the moon every year on his birthday.

“Yes, an Australian lady buys a little land on the moon for me every year on my birthday. She has been buying it for a while now and I get these certificates from the Lunar Republic Society,” Shah Rukh Khan told a newspaper.

The Bollywood star who celebrated his 44th birthday on Monday has apparently met his fan and she keeps in touch with him all year through mail.

“She writes me colourful e-mail (in the sense one line is red, one is blue and so on).

“I feel blessed to have the love of so many people worldwide,” he said.

According to one online lunar real estate agency, www.lunarregistry.com, the “Sea of Tranquility” is the most sought-after address on the moon.

A 4,047 sq m plot of land costs US$37.50 (RM128.066). The actor currently “owns” several acres on the moon.

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