Friday, October 16, 2009

Taliban declares war against Pakistan, attacks cities

Pakistan witnessed a string of attacks on Thursday. The latest one is a suicide attack in Peshawar city, where a car bomb exploded next to a police station in Kohat.

Around 10 people including three police officers and a student were reportedly killed in the blast.

Earlier, in the day Tehrik-e-Taliban struck Lahore in three coordinated attacks killing at least 31 people and injuring many others.

The first target was the Federal Investigation Agency in Lahore where four gunmen forced their way into the building on Thursday morning. In the 45 minutes long battle, terrorists fired and threw grenades in the corridors.

Six FIA officials, four policemen and two terrorists were killed in the attack.

The second attack was aimed at Munawan Police Training Centre in Lahore. A team of gunmen reportedly stormed the complex throwing grenades and firing from automatic rifles.Nine policemen and four terrorists were killed in the attack. While one of the gunmen was killed by police, the other three blew themselves up, officials said.

The third target was the Elite Police Training School at Bedian Road in Lahore. This attack lasted for several hours. Police said eight terrorists scaled the wall of the facility near the airport and took a family hostage.

While one policeman died in the attack, five of the attackers were also killed. It is still not clear what happened to the remaining three gunmen.

Reports in a section of Pakistani media also claimed that there were three women among the group of terrorists.